Free Be You Challenge

Be You, stop awarding outside validation, build what works for you, and achieve your transformation!

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Who Is This Free Be You Challenge For?

This challenge is for you if you are an entrepreneur, college student/grad, or an influencer that wants a supporting element to determine:

  • How I can firmly trust my own abilities & qualities.
  • How I can body my look every day, by creating my own personal routines.
  • How I can break bad habits, that always leave me falling short.
  • How I can balance burnout mode while upholding solid routines.
  • How I can overcome any environment while increasing my connections.
  • How I can level up, as I am transforming as a woman.

Here is your challenge at a Glance:

In life sometimes we have to


For an audio recording, this means to attain sales of 500K copies or more. In gaming, this is to complete the development cycle and enter the sales cycle.

The two things they have in common are, they both had to mount up & fly. Transformation in womanhood is a women's version to GO GOLD. Her process is to explore, evolve, then expand, which makes it her unique blueprint, and being a woman has a gold standard to it; the Goldprint.®

You will learn in the Goldprint® that the best you is all you need to evolve:

  • Day 1 - How To Love Self Without Seeking Validation
  • Day 2 - Start Moving In Your Own Personal Style
  • Day 3 - Create your gold standard, it's my Goldprint®

This live Challenge will run for three days, once you register, you will get access to the private link where we are hosting the challenge.